in a perfect world of yancies: Hooray!

19 September 2008


Hooray for local food!

Boy was I hungry.

Luckily we had recently been to the nearby farmers market. We found some freshly picked spinach; we also found some great tomatoes, onions, and chile peppers--we used those last in making a fabulous long-cooked lamb shoulder. My oh my.

Where can such wonderful recipes be found? My current favorite cookbook, The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters.

And where can you find local, grass-fed lamb? Olsen Farms sells lamb at the farmers market. And not just lamb--they also sell those delicious and oh-so-cute tiny potatoes. Hooray!

Hooray for dessert, too!

Emily made a wonderful apple pandowdy with some local apples (this is Washington, after all). Mmm.


  1. Looks delicious!

    Isn't Colville where Chief Joseph is buried?

    Back to the food: you're lucky we don't live closer to each other or I'd be dropping in for dinner a lot!

  2. As best I can tell, he was buried on the Colville Reservation, but not actually in the town of Colville . . .

    I wish you could all come by for dinner, dear readers. (Though that would pose some seating problems, as our apartment is about the size of a large parking spot. Nothing we couldn't work through, though--come on by!)