in a perfect world of yancies: Beach, Fish, Kuhl

09 September 2008

Beach, Fish, Kuhl

As fun as all this going from inspiration, hope, and excitement to sheer terror is, I'm going to stay away from politics for a day or two . . .

For example, here's a photo of Emily at Alki Beach, where we went for a run:

I don't know about you, but all these warm sunny days are getting a bit old, don't you think?

Now, it's true that we were there on one of Mayor Nickels' experimental car free Sundays; and I hear that Emily signed a petition against the war in Iraq; and Yancy did pick up a Mass Transit Now sign . . . but at least I made no mention of presidential politics, so that's a nice change of pace . . .

In any case, lovely day for a run; or, in my case, a bit of running combined with some leisurely walking.

Lest you should think it's all leftist propaganda and healthy living, I offer this photo from Pike Street Fish Fry, a new fish & chips place on Capitol Hill.

Fried fish in a cup! How can that not be good? And the marlin? Maybe the best fried fish I have ever tasted . . .

Finally, we saw Kuhl the other day. First time in like 7 years.

Definitely worth the wait.
(Although, alas, we were not present when this shot was taken. Thanks for the photo, Eamon.)

Why, yes, it is an iPhone. Like, wow.

Hopefully it won't be another seven years . . .


  1. "Sheer terror." You took the words right out of my emotions. I've even been having trouble sleeping at night. Maybe those Hadron folks will just put us out of our misery.

    Don't people realize that voting for mc-what's-his-name and PALIN would be like Charlie Brown agreeing to let Lucy hold the football he's about to kick?

    Do we know if the college kids are remaining faithful?

    On a more pleasant note, what does Kuhl do these days?

  2. Kuhl is working for Mercy Housing, I believe, in San Francisco. (Hope that's right . . . in any case, he's doing well, and that's what's important, right?)

    And what else? Oh, the kids? They're fine. We'll win this one, right?

    Chris Lee today informed me that Matt Damon is also terrified of Palin, so at least we're in handsome company . . .

    And here's a nice comment about today's make-up shake-up from John Marshall on Talking Points Memo:
    "The whole operation is just one big bamboozling lie. And lipstick on a pig is just using good American English to explain it. If McCain and Palin don't like it they should have thought of that before they decided to run as frauds."

  3. So did Emily and Kuhl swap notes about the sisters they work for?

    Seriously, that must be a very fulfilling job. Good for him!


  4. Actually, we later discovered that the Providence sisters stayed with the Mercy sisters in San Francisco on their way to the northwest back in the 1850's . . .

  5. Hello Yancy and Emily! This is Haley and Deron, who miss you greatly. Hope this finds you doing well and laughing at Sarah Palin, like we are!