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01 September 2008

Nice to See You Again

As I'm sure you're aware, the big annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists was last week. Emily spent like six days in San Francisco learning about archives, meeting other archivists, and doing a little sight-seeing.

Here she is near the Bay, by Ghirardelli Square

It was quite hilly, but the trip back to the hotel was okay, thanks to this cable car:

Or so I'm told

But how do they work? I'm not exactly sure, but at the cable car museum she was able to see the cables themselves . . .

the Bay

And what did she do as soon as she was back home in Seattle? She ran the
Nike+ Human Race 10k, of course. Her screen name is eMily, if you wanted to check out her stats . . .

Emily's time: 1:05'16"
her rank overall (as of Monday afternoon): 17766
and among women: 4643

(Yancy? Well, I ran about five miles--not a 10k, but not bad, right?)

But I guess my point is Huzzah for Emily; and welcome home!

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