in a perfect world of yancies: Family, Friends, and Franklin

29 February 2012

Family, Friends, and Franklin

Emily, Franklin, and Magen
The three of us are so grateful to Magen for spending the last few days meeting Franklin, helping out, and cooking some delicious food! And very grateful to Dave, who's back in Illinois taking care their three kids!
Magen & Franklin
Can't wait until Franklin gets to meet his all of his cousins!

He's also been enjoying meeting a few more of our friends. Wendy stopped by the other day:
Franklin & Wendy 2
Bria came by too (no picture, unfortunately), and she brought some wonderful quinoa and cauliflower casserole and a tasty apple crisp. So yummy!

Tough to have to get dressed and go back to teaching, but at least coming home has gotten twice as awesome.
Dressed and Ready to Go 2

Speaking of family, a distant cousin of mine in Poland has been putting some family trees together, and he just sent this photo of the ship that brought my great-grandfather to the US:
Pawel Kalucki ship

Okay, one more shot of the handsome new branch on the family tree:
Asleep 2

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  1. How very sweet!!!
    Love, Gma C.