in a perfect world of yancies: Franklin Alexander Dominick

18 February 2012

Franklin Alexander Dominick

Franklin, Mom, and Dad
What an amazing couple of days!

The labor went long, and EJ's umbilical cord seemed to be wrapped in an uncomfortable way; eventually Emily ended up needing a C-Section. I'm not going to say that the whole experience was easy or pleasant, but the end result is just awesome.

And I am thrilled to report that everyone is happy and healthy and looking great!
Franklin and Mom

A few more photos of our precious little man:
Skin to Skin: Franklin and Dad 1

Weighing In

Franklin's First Outfit

UPDATE: born at 2:58pm. 6 pounds 6.3 ounces. 19 inches.


  1. Isn't it miraculous?! Give the little guy a hug for me.

    Congratulations, love and kisses!

    Grandma Chris X :) X

  2. Good job, Emily--huzzah!

    You look so content and peaceful. May you grow stronger by the hour...

    Love, Grandma Chris X :) X

  3. He is a keeper! Best wishes to Franklin and to Mom and Dad!
    Jennifer Roseman

  4. Congrats you two on the birth of your handsome baby boy. What a cutie! Welcome to the c-section club Emily--what an eperience that was but so worth it! Rest and recover and you'll be feeling like yourself once again. Sending my well-wishes and sharing your joy. Blessings, Kelly

  5. Congratulations! Félicitations! You have a beautiful baby boy! I'm so happy for you. Take care!
    From PA Montreal, Marie-Claude xx:-)

  6. To the Happy Family!!!!! Such a beautiful gift of life with so much joy, love and memories to cherish! My sincere congratulations to Daddy Yancy, Mommy Emily precious Baby Franklin! Wen

  7. As the kids would say "AWESOME!" Baby Franklin is beautiful - like Mommy and Daddy!! We welcome him into the Providence family. He has lots of Aunties plus Uncle Peter! Thanks for sharing the pictures that say thousands of words!!!! Blessings! Auntie Karin, SP

  8. Dear little mama (& daddy too!),

    What a precious bundle of joy you have brought into this world!! He is very blessed to have such loving and wonderful parents! Wishing all of you a life of happiness, love and many memories!! Lovingly Auntie Pammy!

  9. Thanks so much everyone! We all feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such a wonderful and supportive community.

    More photos soon! :)