in a perfect world of yancies: Birthday Bath Day

03 March 2012

Birthday Bath Day

Franklin's looking great at two weeks old!
Two Weeks Old!

Also enjoyed a birthday bath:
Bath Time
Well, maybe "enjoyed" is too strong... but we're getting there!

Bonus Section: Marmot Update!
Recently received the report on the Olympic National Park Marmot Monitoring Project, which we took part in last summer:
Report to 2011 Marmot Volunteers
In case you're wondering about the area we monitored, I've marked it with an arrow.

They also put up this video about the project. See if you can spot us lingering in the background!

Marmot Monitoring Citizen Science from Science Learning Network - NPS on Vimeo.

And that's not all: the call just came out for the 2012 project! We're going to talk it over with Franklin soon and see what he thinks of spending a few days counting some cute rodents with us :)


  1. He's soooo cute!!!!
    And really cool with the marmots! I couldn't get the video to work though (>_<)

  2. Glad it's working now... but will you be able to spot us in the background? :)

  3. were you wearing the Jayhawks shirt?