in a perfect world of yancies: Making Connections

24 February 2012

Making Connections

Having a blast with our new friend these days.
Emily and Franklin
Thanks, Laura, for getting this great shot of Franklin and Emily.

And thanks Emily for this great shot of Franklin and me reading the Times:
Franklin and Dad Reading the New York Times
We were reading that fascinating review of the exhibit about female writers at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Also having fun keeping track of the details of Franklin's new life (one week old this afternoon!). Found a nice iPhone app called Baby Connect that helps us generate all kinds of interesting data. An account of the last couple of days:
Franklin's Activity - 2-23-12 to 2-24-12

And it makes graphs too!
Franklin's Timeline


  1. Wow--this has your baby book beat by a mile!

    Love, Grandma Christine X :) X

  2. Haha! In some ways I guess it does... but this isn't the sort of thing that we can give him when he's older. Definitely going to need to supplement it with real ink on real paper some time soon!