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08 February 2012

And We'll Be Jolly Friends
Forever More

Y & E & Cake
The Sisters of Providence, Providence Archives, and the staff of the St. Joseph Residence had a very nice shower for us the other day.

Good looking cake:
(Thanks, Peter, for the photos!)

Quite a turnout—great to see that Emily works with such great people.
Baby Shower at St. Joseph Residence

They even sang a song!

I had the chance to meet Sister Rita, the original archivist for the Sisters:
Sister Rita, Yancy, and Emily

Speaking of archivists, Loretta staked a claim with this great bib that she made:

Getting close now!
38 Weeks!
38 weeks and looking great!


  1. How very, very precious!!! My eyes are all teary...

    Love, Grandma Chris X :) X

    P.S. Great fruit border on the cake.

  2. Such great people and so wonderful to have in your lives.

  3. They really are great. The Sisters even through us a second shower at the corporate office!

    As for the cake, there was even more fruit inside--delicious!

    I guess it's from a place called Mimi's (great name of course!), which is where the SJR Sisters get all of their cakes.
    More info here: