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30 January 2012

Bubbling with Excitement

EJ's Room: Almost Ready!
Three hours of work and a trail of recycling in our wake, and we've nearly got the room ready for our little guy. Hope you like his new dresser, reader (hope he likes it too!).

Also swung by Tricoter for some yarns and some ideas. If things go according to plan, this will soon be a hat:
Soon-To-Be Hat

And, on a more or less completely unrelated note, I heard about this on CHS the other day, and I think you need to see it.

A guy riding around our neighborhood on a bike delivering antique seltzer bottles full of sparkling water may sound a bit like a Portlandia sketch, but I sure hope we can sign up soon!

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  1. Definitely a different room from when I first saw it. Looks fantastic and will be even better when your son moves in.