in a perfect world of yancies: Marmot Monitors Are We!

29 April 2011

Marmot Monitors Are We!

As you may have heard, our application to monitor marmots in Olympic National Park this summer was accepted!

I'd seen a story about the project in the Seattle Times the other day, and we just had to apply. I mean, hiking, camping, and marmot tallying? Who could resist?

Am I a little nervous about "navigating off-trail and working on steep slopes"? I am, yes.

But the training sounds cool. And did I mention the marmots? :)

Here's some info on marmots (and some adorable photos) from the National Park Service:
Olympic Marmot Ecology and Research
(Let me know if that document looks funny, by the way--trying some new tricks...)

Okay, reader. Check back in late August to see how it goes!


  1. Sounds like an adventure!

    Photos came through fine, but text was illegible. Could be my computer...

  2. Well, the photos are the main thing :)
    Original pdf file from the Park Service available here.

    Doesn't it sound great? We're both super excited!

  3. Text displays on my office computer.

  4. Glad to hear it displays for you! Hopefully we'll all know a lot more about marmots soon!

  5. Heehee! Fun! I do hope there will be some marmot photos posted sometime. Maybe you could even wrestle one into that bow tie ;)

  6. I hope so too!
    And that is an excellent idea :)