in a perfect world of yancies: Mapping Things Out, With Help from the Times

05 May 2011

Mapping Things Out, With Help from the Times

Had an incredibly fun, incredibly busy weekend. Could easily do a post for each day... but for now here are some highlights, in no particular order:

Hiked in Wallace Falls State Park. Amazing trail, beautiful falls, and pretty close to the city. All of which explains why we had a few hundred other hikers keeping us company on the trail :)

But we definitely plan on going back. Took some photos, but for now, here's a map of our hike (or "run," as Nike insists on calling it):

Also outdoors: did a fascinating tour of Capitol Hill trees, led by Arthur Lee Jacobson (might have to scroll down a bit to find the Capitol Hill tour). Have about fifty photos that we're still looking through--trying to match up the images with the names Emily wrote down...

But I do know that this is a Redwood, growing on what was a curb:

You have to love the Seattle area!

And it turns out we're the 8th safest place in the county, natural-disaster-wise:
Yay safety!

Okay, just a couple more things...

The Times also put together this cool interactive grid, charting people's reactions to Bin Laden's death:
(Clicking that photo will enlarge the screen shot of my comment, because I'm vain. For the interactive page itself, click here.)

And, on a totally different note (except for the vanity part), I wore a bow tie and a tuxedo shirt as we celebrated our friend Wendy's 50th birthday:
Getting ready
More pictures on the way!

Happy Thursday, reader!


  1. As usual, too much to absorb in one (or even two) reading(s), but one thing's for sure: you certainly do lead active and interesting lives!

    Please explain the footwear...

  2. Slippers... hoping to find a photo with the complete outfit, and with Emily's beautiful dress too...