in a perfect world of yancies: Of Toes, Webbed and Otherwise

20 April 2011

Of Toes, Webbed and Otherwise

Took our new shoes out for a walk around Washington Park Arboretum last weekend.
Lovely day.

What's that? You can't really see the shoe? Try looking at the full size version. Or if you want, take a look at the product description on the REI website.

In any case, a nice walk:

I'm not sure how this will work, but for anyone interested in our exact route, try this link.

Speaking of exact routes, how about that weird story about iPhone tracking? I tried to sum up my take on it in 140 characters or less.

And still on the subject of maps, Donovan Hohn—in an impressive turn of phrase quoted in the Times' rave reviewwas not someone, like the explorers of old, who sought to turn the world into a map. “Quite the opposite,” he says. “I wanted to turn a map into a world.”

A book about chasing a story about thousands of rubber ducks (well, sort of) lost at sea, by a guy who loves Melville and got not just that one but also a second rave in the Times? How could we not read this book?
And how could we not go see him read from it at Elliott Bay Book Company? And note: he's pictured with some of the bath toys! Adorable.

Better photo of all the toys on his website. I'm not loving the book, but it's enjoyable, and hey, we're only a couple of chapters in, so maybe the high-sea adventure is about to really get rolling!

And finally, speaking of speaking about books, I just heard that the newly renovated Seattle U. library made the cover of American Libraries magazine. Haven't had a chance to read the story, but here's to handsome libraries!


  1. Tiptoe through the cherry blossoms? I remember the arboretum—great place!

    Can't wait to see the library; looks impressive.

  2. Great! I'm happy to offer guided tours of the library to all of my readers! :)