in a perfect world of yancies: Humming and Copying

18 April 2011

Humming and Copying

Enjoyed two movies this past weekend. First, spotted over on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, some local humming birds:

Humming Bird Nest from Sy Bean on Vimeo.

Second, this great movie about images, originals, marriages, and chance encounters--or are those all just different names for the same thing?

I especially liked the way Certified Copy moved gradually from a superficial and abstract conversation about art and authenticity to a quite moving portrayal of a strained but loving relationship. And the way each of those enriched the other.

Good review in the Times. Roger Ebert's write-up is also worth reading.


  1. This is fantastic! Have you met the photographer? Have you seen hummingbirds on campus? Wow!

  2. Alas, the answer to both is No. But at least we've got this video! :)