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27 April 2011

Collecting Memories in Helena

Sunset at Kleffner Ranch
You probably heard that Emily recently spoke at the annual meeting of the Northwest Archivists, which was in Helena, of all places.

Fortunately, I was able to join her for part of it. Her session on artifacts in archives was a smash, and we had fun visiting friends and family.

My first meal in town reassured me I was in my hometown, where they almost always put ranch on the table next to the ketchup:
You know you're in Helena

Speaking of ranches (sorry), Emily's conference reception was at the charming Kleffner Ranch:
Kleffner Ranch
That's also where she got that great sunset photo that's up top...

Had a nice drive up to York for dinner with Marisa and Dave:
Yancy, Dave, Marisa, Emily

And we saw Mike and his family. Unfortunately they're all too fast for my camera, but here's an action shot of the Easter egg hunt:
Mike, Gavin, Skylar, Tatum, and Easter Eggs!
That's Mike, and his kids—Gavin, Skylar, and Tatum.

Is it the second biggest Easter egg hunt in the country? That claim sounds suspicious to me, but it was in the paper, so who knows?

Spent our last evening in town with Maraya and the rest of the family.
Maraya & Emily

I got a couple of photos of Ryan, but I guess we'll have to go back for pictures of Tryna, Connor (well, he's in the background above), and Devin.
Ryan & Emily

Fire pit!
Fire pit!

Cheers, reader. Hope you're having a great week!

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  1. Good to hear the meeting went well and that you were able to make so many connections. Everyone looks happy.

    The Capitol Easter Egg Hunt is the second biggest in the country? Who knew?!

    I remember driving through York on the old Figure 8 Route—beautiful country! And I remember how upset I was when the (Forest Service, I believe) shut down access to part of it...