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03 July 2009

Chris & Carrie

E, C, C
Had the chance to show Chris & Carrie around on a beautiful afternoon earlier this week. They're on their way from Chicago to LA, and luckily for us* they're taking the long way.

Don't know if this link will work for you all, but Carrie's got this series of photos involving her jumping at various locations around the country, which is pretty fun:

[Update 0:34 4 July:]
Looks like Carrie's putting a blog together of the jumping photos. Take a look at

Here are some recent ones (hope she doesn't mind my using them--maybe I'll ask once they're back out of the redwoods in northern CA...):



Took a few tries here, but they finally came up with this one:

Meanwhile I tried to capture a meta version, and came pretty close, which I guess is good enough for me:
jumping: behind the scenes

Carrie, Needle, Chris

Carrie, Chris, Needle
Great kids. So glad we were able to see them!

*You know, you're right, anonymous, we are pretty lucky! I promise to do my best at treasuring that fact.

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