in a perfect world of yancies: Victoria, BC

16 July 2009

Victoria, BC

A few highlights from the set of pictures from our trip to Victoria last week:

We took the Victoria Clipper; the boat was pretty cool, and it had a deck that was pretty windy.
on the Clipper, en route to Canada

Had a nice tour of the Parliament building, seen here on the outside:
Parliament, Victoria
Who knew Victoria was the provincial capital? Educational and fun!

And it looks pretty at night:
Parliament, Victoria

Parliament, Victoria

I don't have any good pictures, but we saw an amazing exhibit at the Royal BC Museum, called Treasures of the British Museum.

Is there any museum in the world as impressive as the British Museum? Or that makes you as uncomfortable when you think about how they amassed their collection? I mean, it's pretty cool that they have five thousand year-old decorations from Egyptian tombs, but there's really only one way to get stuff like that...
And the mummy? Just weird to see a label that tells you that it contains various fabrics, along with "human remains"...

Meanwhile, since we're still alive, we enjoyed some delicious afternoon tea:

light snack??
Just wish we'd realized how big the "light snack" plate was going to be before we ordered...

But maybe the most impressive thing was the Butchart Gardens.

Just to be clear: the following pictures are nice, but cannot come close to capturing how amazing it was. When we first came around the corner and stood looking down into the Sunken Garden, it literally took Emily's breath away.

Sunken Garden:
sunken garden

In the Rose Garden:
smelling the roses

Had a delicious dinner there too, which of course included some edible flowers.
edible flower

And when it got dark, it was amazing all over again.
sunken garden, night

Emily ended the night with this great shot:


  1. Every reclaimed quarry should look this good, eh?


  2. nice pictures, love the one on the ferry (^_^)

    the British were amazing, ruthless, but amazing! a tiny island!!! incredible!