in a perfect world of yancies: Montana, So Far

25 July 2009

Montana, So Far

So far from where I can buy a copy of the Times...

Also, here's some photos of our vacation so far, mostly involving a hike up around Jewel Basin and a visit to a cherry orchard:

All the really pretty shots of the flowers & the fruit? Those are Emily's. Nice job!


  1. but isn't it nice to find a place where the Times isn't easily accessible? isn't it nice to get away for a bit and have a holiday? besides, you have your laptop and your iPhone, it can't possibly be that bad. (^_^)

  2. Agree to disagree?

    It's true, though, that we had our phones, so you can look forward to more photos soon, from both Montana and Missouri.

    For now I need to reacquaint myself with our apartment, and try to get a little work done. See you soon, reader.