in a perfect world of yancies: Family, Flowers, Food, and, um, Filosophy (?)

06 July 2009

Family, Flowers, Food, and, um, Filosophy (?)

Had fun showing mom around the Washington Park Arboretum today:

And last week I checked out some books and the cool reading room at the UW library:
UW library reading room

Which is gloriously close to the delicious Thai Tom restaurant.
at Thai Tom
It was warm, crowded, and cash-only, but the food was tasty and spicy. Do give it a try!

Okay, as I said on Twitter like two hours ago-- :-/ --I really need to get to bed, since we're catching the early AM ferry to Victoria, BC tomorrow.

Goodnight, reader!


  1. Thanks for the arboretum tour; it was great phun!

  2. You're welcome!

    Photos from our trip to Victoria, BC are on the way, but if you can't wait, you can look at the set on Flickr.