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29 June 2009

On the Olympic Peninsula

Y at Sol Duc Falls
Made a last-minute decision to get a car & drive out to the Olympic Peninsula on Saturday. Sure is pretty--and I love that we can make a last-minute decision to do something like this! (And that we can come home to a big town with things like taco trucks...)

Anyway, didn't have a ton of time out there, but we did a nice little hike to see Sol Duc Falls, pictured above. Can you see me? I'm the thing in the black sweatshirt by the fence. (Nice photo, Emily!)

Just a quick photo log, then, of our 1.5 day vacation:

Had to wait for the ferry. Good time to make phone calls.
waiting for the ferry

waiting for the ferry

on the ferry
Nice day for a boat ride

E in downtown Port Townsend
Spent the night in Port Townsend, a super cute little town.

Y in downtown Port Townsend

E w/deer
And although deer are everywhere, this one was particularly close to the sidewalk...

E's pic of the deer
E's photo

Operation fruit flavored snacks?
Crazy fun little store there: Groceries and Jewelry. And wine and beer. And lots of Japanese snacks and candies. And Operation fruit-flavored snacks?

relaxing at the Palace Hotel
We stayed in the Palace Hotel, which was cool, though our last-minute approach kept us out of the prettier rooms with the high ceilings and all that...

Next day we did a lot of driving and a little hiking (?) in Olympic National Park:
hiking in Olympic National Park

tree becoming soil
This lowland forest is right up against where the rain forest starts. That's a longer drive, but we bought an annual pass to every national park and federal recreation area (!), so we're planning to go back soon.

More photos at Sol Duc Falls:
at Sol Duc Falls

Here's the picture I was working on when Emily took the one up top:
E on bridge at Sol Duc Falls

Didn't want to overdo it with pictures here, but if you want, there's a few more in a set on Flickr.

Okay. Vacation's over; Monday morning. Back to work.

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  1. You're lucky to live the lifestyle you do ...