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14 June 2009

Flowers and Such

As those of you who've befriended Emily on Facebook or Twitter know, she got these flowers the other day:
From Flowers on 15th, which is local, so that mostly makes up for the odd website (if you sell pretty things, shouldn't your site be pretty?) and the odd phone call ("Send them to Providence Archives"
"what's an archive?")

Good flowers, though.
Side view:

In other Emily news, she ran in a briefcase relay with some friends. And they came in 7th out of like 40+ teams! (We think: no official record.) Still hoping I'll get pictures (didn't get any good ones myself) of them dressed in "business wear" for the race...
Emily finishing the Fremont 5k
But she also ran the 5k, as you can see here. And as you can see from the official results, she's improved since we ran that 5k last fall.

Way to go Emily!

[Update 15:51]
Team photo!

Emily, Nick, Ben, Sara, Jon

No "business wear" shots yet, but maybe soon?

In other running news, the seniors at Seattle U streak every spring, and apparently my office window had the best view:
SU Senior Streak

In unrelated news, we tried some St-Germain on Uncle Vinny's recommendation:
french cocktail
Verdict: yum! Tastes like flowers! (In a good way.)

Okay, back to grading.
grading in the park
At least it's nice out, so I can grade in the park.

Happy Sunday, reader.


  1. Cool! Glad you enjoyed the liqueur...

  2. Unique flower arrangement!

    Interesting race!

    Quite a custom! How does the administration treat it?