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08 June 2009

Strings and Screens and Greens and More

Spent our night Saturday with some friends in Fremont. They decided to host a "salon" at their house:
"An evening to hear about what we all do during the day. A semi-formal presentation by two of our peers on their day job, intense hobby or a combination of both. Hopefully educational as well as intriguing: a chance to learn as well as listen."
Informal information on string theory
Ethan Thompson, a PhD student at the U of Washington talked about string theory (um, yeah).

And John Snavely talked about his job "envisioning the future" (?) for Microsoft. Also showed this video:

Somewhere in between cool, unrealistic, and a little scary, no? But how cool is that phone that projects an arrow on the floor to give you directions?

In other news, some ROTC kids repelled down the side of my building last week:
rotc training at SU
[Some overlap with Twitter here--apologies to any of you who object to cross-posting.]

And I bought some "bicycle knickers":
bicycle knickers

I had a salad the other day:
Salade du Berger at Café Presse
Endive, apples, walnuts, and goat cheese--delicious!

And we saw Neko Case, who was absolutely amazing.
at the Paramount
No shots of the show, but here I am waiting excitedly...

Speaking of excitement, I have some full days of grading and Spanish lessons coming up, so I'll say goodbye for now.
Cheers, reader.


  1. Hey, speaking of food... Madison Market has those Castelvetrano olives we had as an appetizer the other day! They are just as yummy when eaten at home, I can report.


  2. It looks more like you're sleeping than "waiting excitedly" :o) And I think we need a better shot of the bicycle knickers...the pic is a little dark. Perhaps an action shot?

  3. Comment above is from me, BTW


  4. Thanks for the tip on the olives! Definitely have to get to Madison Market soon!

    As for my "excited" face, well, I'm just a low-key kinda fella, you know? :)

    And I'm going to try for an outdoor shot of those knickers, maybe with a bike involved, just as soon as I'm out from underneath these student papers...

    In the meantime, you could look at the photo in the Times that inspired the purchase.

  5. My father wore knickers as a boy.

    I think that montage is downright creepy. One good thing about it is that the man is still able to enjoy a hold-in-your-hand sort-of-newspaper with his coffee.

  6. I checked out the link to the photo in the Times of the knickers - nice pic, and a very appropriate model, I must say, cuz he has a shin gash from bicycle pedals :o)


  7. That's funny about the gash--love it!

    Will try to get through enough grading today to leave time for a ride; and will bring phone/camera...

    I agree about that newspaper, though I do really enjoy picking them up off the stoop in the morning (okay, I guess I can live without that as long as the Times stays in business one way or another).