in a perfect world of yancies: Um, Awesome!

18 March 2009

Um, Awesome!

As you may recall, we had an account with grand central.
Well, we just got upgraded to google voice. So cool!

One number that rings all phones; free text messaging, with searchable storage of messages; and voicemail transcription!

Sample call:

Here's the automatically generated transcript:
"hi it's emily just calling to see how you're doing you can call me back at (206) 499-5413 or send a letter to forty eight hundred thirty seventh avenue help last alright bye hey"

Screen grab of the whole thing:

Pretty good!

Okay, for more details (and some lame and annoying CNBC guys), check out David Pogue:

[Update 07:49 19 March]
For completeness' sake, a shot of the whole window:

Like having an email account for all of our phone calls, voicemails, and text messages. Awesome.


  1. I rather enjoy not being connected to the world once I go home - no answering cell service. I think it would drive me nuts to be able to connect all my phones! I do, however, have the voice to text function on my cell phone. It's quite funny, too, since I get a lot of voicemails about vehicles - but it's all in code - so it's entertaining to see how the person typing out the message translates it. And they have a real hard to=ime with "Bozeman". Oh yeah, speaking of not being connected at home - we're getting internet at home finally!


  2. Wait, you're getting the internet at home? Is that even possible?

    Well, now we can definitely visit you this summer! :)