in a perfect world of yancies: Busy? Or Just Lazy?

16 March 2009

Busy? Or Just Lazy?

Either way, sorry I haven't said much lately.

Here's some things, then.

It's March, and KU is doing pretty well. Not great, but for a "rebuilding" year things are looking awesome.

Our friend Wendy dyed her hair crimson and blue for tournament time:
crimson and blue highlights

In related (?) news, Emily had a mani/pedi at Julep, thanks in part to Lisa Hahn (née Fox), a friend from Helena (still haven't actually seen her, but I'm following her on Twitter):
Some recent press got things started, and it all sounds pretty fun. I may just have to go too next time!

Photo from stevevance

No segue can get me here, but I think it's lame, depressing, and just plain wrong that they're going to rename the Sears Tower. Is nothing sacred, Chicago??

And finally, some photos from yesterday:
sitting on the cat bench
Taking a text-message break on the way to St Joseph's Church for the SU choir concert.

Ever since we visited Merrica in Tokyo in 2003 I've been looking for the sort of plain, unsweetened canned or bottled green tea they sell there . . .
And now Emily found some!

[Update, 10:47]
Oh what the hell, how about something sad?

Publisher's closing remarks:
"As for the paper, tonight will be the final run. So let's do it right. This is a great newspaper and has been for a long time. Let's show the world it still is. Let's show them what we can do, one more time."


  1. Okay, this is too much to digest in one quick reading; but how was the concert?

  2. this is horrible news! I mean, the bits about Chicago and your newspaper! Both are just so sad, but the Sears Tower?! What is wrong with people!?