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22 March 2009


Happy 32
Lots of great cards, gifts, and warm wishes. (Must've responded to like 25 facebook comments--so there's one nice thing about being on there . . .)

Thanks, y'all.

Might do a longer post Monday or Tuesday, but for now I'm so busy with all the basketball. Timing has been great, since lately I'm doing grading and giving exams, both of which are compatible with watching the games.

And how is that possible? Thanks to the incredible wonders of technology:
NCAA on my phone!

On Saturday, got together with some CHS folks to watch the Huskies.

Kristin, Bowie, Justin, Sara, Yancy, Emily, Matt

(We even have a little tournament pool going, so that's been fun.)

Huskies lost, unfortunately, but it was a fun afternoon with some great people!

Now if KU can keep winning, everything will be just right.


  1. Glad your birthday was enjoyable.

    So what was in the pink boxes?

  2. Thanks!

    Well, you might remember that in like '06 we went to the opening of the new Bloch building at the Nelson-Atkins in Kansas City. While there, we saw a great exhibit of early photography, and I bought a very handsome print of a very cool image in the gift shop.

    Had been meaning to get it framed ever since then, but you know how it is, right?

    So that was the larger package: Emily had it put into a nice frame. Now I can finally look at it! Super cool.

    And the smaller one is chewing gum; can't go wrong with chewing gum. :)

  3. PS, that photo also has a number of interesting things going on in it, as this page explains.