in a perfect world of yancies: Back to Whidbey

30 March 2009

Back to Whidbey

deception pass
Spent a few of my precious spring break days over on Whidbey Island. (Yes, we've been there before, but we had such a nice time it seemed worth repeating.)

Packed the car with all we'd need:
all packed!

Crossed onto the island at Deception Pass:
deception pass 2

Stopped at Knead & Feed for some pie:

Not the best restaurant ever (and do *not* ask them to split a check! yikes!), but the pie (marion berry) was pretty good:
Oh, for those of you following Emily on Twitter and/or facebook, sorry about the cross-posting . . .

Got to our hotel, the Inn at Langley, and started to relax.

Here's one of the many things I love about that place:
good morning!

Speaking of reading material, I was super excited to have time to read a couple of papers that weren't written by students while Emily hit the spa:
vacation reading

Also watched some basketball there.
KU ended up losing, but we had a toast to their unexpectedly successful and enjoyable season.

One day was sunny, so we did a bike ride, which was a great way to see some of the scenery and cute small towns on the island. (Again, apologies for the cross-posting . . .)
at Maxwelton Beach
At Maxwelton Beach

Next day it rained, but even that looked nice.
view at Inn at Langley

Yes, we spoiled ourselves. Yes, it was great. Yes, I do have a syllabus to prepare for tomorrow. Cheers.


  1. Deception Pass is awesome. That's where Susan and I and all the kids went camping the summer of 2006. We camped basically right on the beach. The next time you go that way you should take the scary ferry from Anacortes to Guemes Island're taking your life into your own hands but its kinda neat!

  2. Taking more boats is definitely on our list of Seattle-area things to do! Still have only been on like 1 ferry and a handful of water taxis . . .
    Not sure that a "scary ferry" is how I want to start, but I'll keep it in mind :)

  3. Thanks for the details about the Whidbey outing - sounds great! I will have to check out the place sometime. Haven't been to Whidbey yet. As for ferries, I have ridden a certain one a little more than I care to recall...Hahahaha! It's near and dear to my heart, but it becomes less romantic after the 500th time...

  4. By the way, I can't believe that those books are your "light reading" for a weekend vacation! Do you have ANY idea how tall the stack on my side table is getting?! And I can't even sit for 30 uninterrupted minutes to start ONE... Sigh.

  5. its only scary in that it is the tiniest ferry I have ever seen (although Marisa informed me that somewhere in Montana there is a one-car ferry) -I saw a picture of the Guemes Islamd Ferry in bad weather and thats where I got the "scary" part from. It looked like this wave had tipped it almost on one end...

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    So I guess maybe I'll start with Jen's ferry, and try that Guemes Island one after I've got my sea legs?

    I also have a giant-stack-of-books problem, and those books in that picture are only a small part of it. What I really love for relaxation is fiction--in fact, that's something that I can't put on hold; even when I'm not on vacation, I've got to read at least a few pages of a novel. Hmm. Maybe there's an idea for a post here ...