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15 June 2007

Skates and Arts

What's the sixth anniversary? I don't know, but roller skates sound good, no? Maybe with a little practice . . .

Meanwhile, our recent visit to Kansas City gave us the chance to view the incredible new Bloch Building, Steven Holl's new expansion of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It's been getting rave reviews from all over (though some static at home, of course). The glass boxes follow the hill down from the original museum, do an excellent job of providing the natural lighting for the art work, and frame the original building wonderfully. Fabulous.

New Yorker critic Paul Goldberger calls it "one of the best museums of the last generation": read more.
Meanwhile New York Times writer Nicolai Ouroussoff says it's "a near-perfect work." Read more.
PS, both of those articles have slide-shows that I highly recommend.

In front of the original building, with an excellent giant shuttlecock by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

Mimi, with the new (right) and old (left) buildings peeking out behind her

Closer view of the two buildings

Standing on top of the (underground) front desk of the Bloch building, with the original building behind me

On the inside

Now, we also had an excellent visit in Lawrence--saw Jesse, Nathan, Aaron, Scott, Haley Harrison, and Tom and Rodd. It was a near-perfect weekend; perhaps our best anniversary celebration ever.
Alas, I forgot the camera at every turn, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Upon our return to the Quad Cities, we were lucky enough to see Wilco--and from the fifth row!

cell phone photo (I am trying to break your heart)

Lastly, Mimi's getting really good on those skates; enjoy:


  1. I'm so excited that you are posting more often now that school is on break...always entertaining! Happy belated anniversary. Nice skates Mimi :)


  2. Thanks, Magen!

    And thanks also Mom & Deron for the well-wishes on the previous post.

    It is fun having a little more free time; glad to still have y'all looking despite the slow-down this past year.

    PS, please enjoy the Wilco song now playing, my current favorite from the new album.

  3. Fascinating architecture! You certainly timed your visit well to be there for the opening.

    Lookin' good, Emily!

    Mom Dominick