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01 April 2009

Tea Parties

So as I mentioned in response to Jen's comment about books, I have a serious fiction thing going.

Right now I'm reading Infinite Jest (I also have a thing for reading books by recently deceased people), which is pretty good--quite impressive to watch someone put together giant, lyrical sentences . . .

but it's also pretty dark, so I keep taking breaks to read other books. (But at p. 580, I'm just past the half-way point, so I'm sure to finish by summer! (?))

Started reading Coraline. The movie was super cool, as I said recently, and I felt bad not reading the book. So far so good. (And it only took 80 pages to be half-way done, so that's a nice change of pace.)

In the meantime, however, Emily has been trying out this new app on her phone that includes all sorts of classic (read: public domain) novels. Currently she's reading Alice in Wonderland.

Never one to ignore a new toy, I am now also reading Alice in Wonderland. Good stuff.

Reading on a phone?? Yes, and it is so cool! Check this out:

Not into video? Here are some screen-grabs from my phone:

(220 phone pages (?) = half way through this one as well. Will I finish any? And when? We shall soon see!)

And speaking of tea parties, we made some chai the other day from scratch.
Chai 1

Chai 2
Next time, probably we'll use a little less sugar. But otherwise delicious! And who knew we had things like cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and whole cloves in our cupboard?
Chai 3


  1. What charming illustrations!

    And the chai looks yummy ...

  2. I guess they're the illustrations from the original 1865 edition.

    Want more? You can read the entire book, including the illustrations online.

    Oh internets, what would we do without you?

    Chai was great; if only it wasn't a 40-minute project ...
    But hey, it's Saturday: maybe I'll go fix another batch right now!


  3. mmmmm...anything homemade from scratch is SO much better than "convenience" foods...or powered chai.