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18 January 2009

These Days

Not sure how this blog has devolved into a weekly thing; hopefully once I settle into my new schedule things'll even out?

In the meantime, here's a couple weeks (!), in no particular order:
Discovery Park 3
Sun was out today! Beautiful! We spent the afternoon at Discovery Park enjoying the trails and views.

Discovery Park 4
Even views of Rainier!

(Is it just me, or is that my best photo of it from the city? It's actually visible!)

Discovery Park 1

Also hit the Capitol Hill Community Council pot-luck last week.
CHCC pot-luck
Here's president Justin Carder, with his son Bowie. Justin, in case you're keeping score, is also the brains behind, where he posts as jseattle . . . good guy.

Been chilly here (though not Chicago or Montana chilly; sorry I brought it up), so we baked some lasagna.
Emily's amazing lasagna
Emily has come up with this recipe for a vegetarian lasagna (basically a blend of three different recipes in the Joy of Cooking), and it is just amazing! I'll try to remember to help her make one next time you're in town, reader.

Saturday we met some friends at the Bus Stop, a recently re-opened, relocated, and fondly remembered bar on Capitol Hill. Cozy spot; good company too. It's been a very rewarding few months now that we've been here long enough to have started making friends. . . .

Before we met them, we watched an episode of Fantasy Island, in homage to the recently deceased Ricardo Montalbán.

Did you know that he's also famous for the Academy Award-winning song Baby It's Cold Outside? That song has been recorded too many times to count, but one of the earliest features Mr Montalbán and Esther Williams.

For me, though, he will always be best remembered for his incredible portrayal of Khan Noonien Singh on Star Trek. Wrath of Khan is still one of my favorite movies.

I can't share it with you here, but I can offer you a link to the episode where he first appears:

Space Seed, from season one of the original series.


Also had a go at meeting folks for knitting. A great idea (and a hit with waitresses), but we went to Oddfellows, where the food is (and smells) distractingly good, and where the cocktails are great, so no one got too much knitting done--but you have to start somewhere, right?

And sometimes, you just have to enjoy a lazy Saturday morning.
Saturday morning

Hope you have a great week, reader.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!

And Happy Inauguration!


  1. Lasagna looks scrumptious!

    What did you bring to the potluck?


  2. Thanks!

    Actually (and, yes, this is a little embarrassing), we didn't bring anything to the pot-luck.

    Before the meeting, Justin announced that he was able to get some of the best restaurants in the neighborhood to donate food, which was great, but a little intimidating . . .