in a perfect world of yancies: Take A(nother) Break with Sandy

30 January 2009

Take A(nother) Break with Sandy

An oldie (?) but a goodie, which I see Chris just posted online:

Don't remember Sandy? Try these posts.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Funny! I vividly remember staying up late watching Dan Rather on election night in 2000... he just got weirder and weirder, didn't he?

  2. I just saw him in an ad for HD Net or whatever (non)station he's on these days, and all I could think of was "let's hit these chips with another dash of salsa" . . .
    Good stuff.

    Forgot to mention it, but those of you keeping up on Chris should check out Chris' first tv commercial is running there!

    Mr Lee says "They cut my lines . . . but you can see me!"