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03 January 2009

Food & Drink (and more)

Still waiting to see if any xmas pics will come my way (ahem), so how about some random shots of things we've ingested?
salad niçoise w/tuna
Totally out of season, but we just couldn't resist making this niçoise salad with seared tuna. Delicious. Definitely worth remembering once all those veggies are in season . . .

At Spitfire restaurant on Saturday (watching a KU game that was on too early for the current watch site; we're unranked, but we beat #14 Tennessee!):
watching a stop-bombing-gaza march during the KU/Tennessee game
Gotta love Seattle: you just never know when a protest march will pass by. Protesting the bombing in Gaza, though not necessarily anti-Israel. (Saw both Palestinian Flags & Magen Davids (yes, that's really what it's called. I know!)).

Couple of recent cocktails:
Hot toddies
Hot toddies at Quinn's

Toronto cocktail
Toronto cocktail at Oddfellows

Bonus xmas in IL shot:
w/snowman in St Charles
At good old 38 W 258

[Update 20:13]
Xmas photo of the St Mary (McHenry) Choir:

Wish we could've been there for the concert!

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