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23 January 2009

My Food and My President

Okay, I really need to run--I have a reading group this morning, and I haven't done the reading yet! And it's Plato, so, you know, people are going to expect that I read it!

Before I go, I'll just let you know that I am still working (?) on a post about newspapers, those wonderful, troubled things . . .

But for today, how about a shot of the best paper's crossword puzzle from Tuesday:
Inaugural crossword
Isn't it fun? I included the key clue, but if you look around you'll see other relevant answers . . .

(Oh, and sorry about spoiling this one for you, Mom; maybe by the time it's in the Herald you'll have forgotten?)

In other news, I heard Mark Bittman on a local radio show the other day. So he's got a book about--for lack of a better term--conscious eating. In the spirit of that sort of thing, I've started a food journal.

And in the spirit of our weird, confessional, online culture, I've been publishing that journal on the web. Take a look, if you're interested:

So far (one day!) it's been fun and interesting, but I've already been told that my format is less than ideal.

(If you have suggestions for standardizing or otherwise improving it, feel free to share!)

[Update 17:30 24 January 2009]
What about a table?

And why push-ups? Aside from obvious answers, it's really because of an article we read in a newspaper a few months ago. Now we're both hooked on push-ups (and on newspapers).

Okay, better get back to work! Have a great weekend!


  1. Very cool! I got started on a program that claimed to get me to 100 pushups in 6 weeks or so, but I started going to the gym more regularly instead. Pushups are pretty awesome... it's a great feeling when you see your numbers going up. :-)

    Also, I didn't know the NYT had a crossword app for the iphone!? That's cool, I gotta check that out.

  2. Thanks!

    It's actually an app for crosswords, and it supports a ton of different puzzles. (But, of course, there's only one puzzle for me!)

    It's called 2 Across (hope that link works!), and it's super cool.