in a perfect world of yancies: Our sister, changing the world one pair of pants at a time!

31 January 2009

Our sister, changing the world one pair of pants at a time!

Thanks for the title, Marisa!

Recently people gathered in Missoula for Project Homeless Connect, a day of volunteer work.

Here's some video:

Full coverage on the Missoulian's website.

Here's one nice bit of the story:

The "community response to problems is what drew volunteer Gina Sandon.
'I just like the fact that everybody pitches in together on this,' she said as she ironed clothes."

Way to go!

Also, thanks for reminding me to get serious about thinking about maybe doing some volunteer work at some point in the future. Anyone want to maybe consider joining me?

There's a helpful list of local options over on CHS, so maybe that's a place to start? Guess I'll think about it . . .


  1. Good for Gina!

    (People still iron?)

  2. I actually spoke with Gina about the event right after I read the article. She had actually helped coordinate Project Homeless Connect (I believe). And apparently her hands make an appearance in the video :o)

  3. above comment was from me.


  4. I was just told that PhD stands for "Post Hole Digger" Interesting...


  5. Shouldn't it be P.H.D., then?

    Or: I think you're thinking of law degrees, not PhD's . . .

    Or: huh.

    Oh, and thanks for the tip on the hands--haven't seen them yet, but I'll be on the lookout! :)

  6. One more:

    I wish I was qualified to get good, steady work digging holes!

  7. Digging holes for a living could be fun...


  8. I am so embarrassed that you posted my quote from the paper, especially since the Missoulian always gets things wrong. I was NOT actually ironing clothes I was creating bias tape to substitute for a hem on a pair of pants for one of my seamstresses. Also I was a service area coordinator (meaning I helped in the planning of the event and I recruited and supervised the volunteers). This is my second year as a service area coordinator.

    And if you are interested, I believe Seattle has its own Project Homeless Connect if you want to volunteer for something really worthwhile!


  9. Yeah, you should be embarrassed! :)

    That does clear up some confusion about ironing, though, so thanks!