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13 December 2008

Music in a Different Key

Hi reader.

So in between running around trying to enjoy some of the wonderful fun times here on Capitol Hill, grading exams, and getting ready for the holidays, I have been working (a little) on a new post . . .

But it's not ready, so instead please enjoy this piece from Funny Or Die:

Prop 8--The Musical

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  1. On second thought, Virginia Heffernan at the Times writes that the video

    "just looks like old TV, with TV politics and TV villains (in this case, venal Bible-y people who oppose gay marriage until they think they might make money off it).

    What’s more, the idea that civil liberties like gay marriage are mostly fictions necessary to create new markets — for lawyers, say, in gay divorce — is simultaneously cynical, an old joke and the dumbest iteration of Hollywood markets-first ideology."

    So, you know, there's some perspective or whatever.

    I think I still think it's funny, though I admit I'm less sure than I was . . .