in a perfect world of yancies: What a Week!

22 December 2008

What a Week!

champagne cocktail at Oddfellows
Grades are in, next quarter's syllabus is in progress, and I'm in the thick of writing book reviews (if you write book reviews, you get free books!) . . .

But a fella's gotta have some fun, right?
We did our best this past week to find as much as we could.

In no particular order, then:

Not only did I get a new haircut (at Scream of course) and some product, I also got this lovely little CHS pin, thanks in part to Emerson Salon:
Nice new button
Product? Yes. I asked E if it was okay, and she said "yes, I'm glad that you're taking an interest in your hair."

Back on the home front, we made some fabulous lamb burgers the other day.
lamb burgers!
On delicious brioche buns, purchased at Madison Market.

("Are you a member?" "No." [sigh: you're just like four blocks too far--we can't seem to drag ourselves here more than once a month . . .])

Across Madison is a neighborhood called the Central District. And in the Central District there's a place called Central Cinema, where they'll serve you beer, wine, pizza, sandwiches, popcorn, and more while you watch fun (mostly old) movies.
announcements before Auntie Mame at Central Cinema
We braved the ice, missed one bus, and then finally made it there for a screening of Auntie Mame sponsored by Three Dollar Bill Cinema.

waiting for Auntie Mame
Listening to pre-show announcements.

If you haven't seen Auntie Mame, you so should. It is such a hoot! Here's a trailer:

May not be as fun without the crowd, but the movie can be watched at, and also on Netflix.

in the Central Cinema lobby
In the lobby: cute hair! (Got it trimmed a couple of days later, but whatever. And don't worry, it's still cute!)

And then on Friday, a new restaurant opened in the neighborhood.
Emily and a champagne cocktail!
Emily, enjoying a champagne cocktail at Oddfellows.

Oddfellows postcard

Emily and Linda!
Now Oddfellows is owned, in part at least, by Linda Derschang, pictured here with Emily.

Linda also owns Smith, King's, and (of course) Linda's, one of my favorite spots in Seattle.

Finally, I tried my hand at a little on-site reporting for CHS. Got a note about some filming in the dog park at Pine and Boren, so we went to check it out. Here's what we found:
goats on the Hill
Goats! From Rent-a-Ruminant. Who? Rent-a-Ruminant:

"We bring goats to your location to eat a wide range of vegetation, such as blackberries, ivy, and other invasive species."

cutest of the goats on Capitol Hill?
Guess the goats were starring in an ad for Pemco Insurance (?). Cute anyway, so I guess it's a win.

Well, back to work.
Cheers, reader.

And if I don't see you in the next few days, have a great holiday!


  1. Goats. Interesting new addition to the landscaping industry. And eco-friendly, too! I want a goat - you know, to keep the home folf-course clear


  2. Baaaa!

    Hello. Yes, you are right about the goats. My name is Rod Brooks, NW Marketing Guy at PEMCO Insurance. The goats you saw will be "stars" of the small screen (in HD) by spring. As you reported, you found us filming the next in a series of commercials that feature our NW neighbors... including the interesting, quirky, and eco-friendly lives that we live.

    I can't say more about the goats or the commercials just yet. The snow and ice storm didn't make things any easier for the production grew, but apparently the goats were fine with it.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the mention in your blog. It's great to see the comments that the PEMCO campaign continues to create. In this case, even before the commercial is on the air. Not baaaaaad. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

    Rod Brooks
    NW Marketing Guy
    PEMCO Insurance