in a perfect world of yancies: Tweets, Frams, and More

06 December 2008

Tweets, Frams, and More

Look at the too-cute pre-xmas gift Emily got me. Better get that tree up soon!

Speaking of things that tweet, I've recently started putting posts up on Twitter. (It's like blogging, but you can only type like 140 characters, including spaces.) Mostly just curiosity . . .

Anyway, in case you want more frequent updates, I've added a feed over on the side there.

Oh, so Eric and Christy did make it; you can see photos of their t-day over on, including this gentleman offering his "Fram Fram" to the world:

As Emily explained in the comments, "it is part of the motto of St. Olaf College (the complete motto is "Fram! Fram! Kristmennn, Krossmenn" which means: "Forward! Forward! Men of Christ, Men of the Cross")."

She goes on, "For better or worse, "Fram! Fram!" is overshadowed, at least in my experience, by "Um Yah Yah." I learned on Wikipedia that "Um Yah Yah" is the only college fight song in 3/4 meter!"

Good to know.

What, more photos of me by the mirror in the morning? Sure:

Was getting ready for my super-fun last day of classes. Took my students out for coffee at Vivace, where they make the best coffee I've ever had. And they have a study room you can reserve to talk about Aristotle! Works best if your employer picks up the tab.

Yeah, I love my job.


  1. I love the morning pictures...those sun glasses really add a certain something.
    On the topic of Christmas, I would love another 1/2 pound of Vivace's Dolce blend (hinthint).
    About this twitter stuff...I don't get it. So is it like FB status updates...but without all the other good stuff? magen

  2. Thanks, Magen, for the compliments and the hints!

    I'm not really sure sure I get twitter either; some people we know are on there, & think it's worth doing, so we're trying it out . . . but yeah, it does seem to be like Facebook minus everything but the status updates (?).

    Oh, and as much as we'd love to see you two, Eric, it looks like we'll be in the 'burbs for the whole trip. If you're near Chicago between xmas & new years, though, give me a call!

  3. PS, Um Yah Yah?


    For lyrics and audio, try the St Olaf site:

  4. And here I thought "tweets" referred to that cute little bird ornament!

    And tell me again about your hair stylist ...


  5. My hair, eh?

    I call it "six weeks since I've had time or energy to go to the barber" . . . what do you think?

  6. I like the hair! It goes with the (hand-made) scarf & (super cool) shades.

    There was recently an article on (cnnmoney???) about Twitter and how business people need to twitter (to stay young). I signed up for a twitter account, but not so sure I quite get it yet...

    here's the link to the article: