in a perfect world of yancies: Rainier Than Thou

29 July 2008

Rainier Than Thou

On Friday we're setting out to tackle Mt Rainier.

Okay, not tackle, exactly. "Spend a couple of nights near" would be more accurate . . .

Last Saturday, we dropped Emily's parents of at the start of the Wonderland Trail, which takes you around the mountain in about 93 miles. If all goes as planned (and why wouldn't it? It's just a giant mountain and an unusually cold and wet year, right?) we'll meet up with them for their last couple of days.

In preparation, we did a little shopping--got ourselves some freeze dried huevos rancheros; and I may even wear convertible pants!

Mimi walked Fran and Dave to the trailhead

what are the campsites like this cold, wet summer?

Huh. Um, yeah, we'll just join you for a night or two . . .

Here they are, just as they set out

view of the mountain

looks like it's not quite picnic season--can you spot the table on the right?

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