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18 July 2008

Coffee, Phone, Blog

A list of all a guy like me really needs? Or just a lazy catalogue-style post title? We may never know.

First off, take a look at this:

One of the prettiest cups of coffee I've ever been served. Even the barista seemed slightly surprised at how nice it looked. From Vivace, my favorite, favorite place here (and trust me, there are a lot of options).

Alas, that location is now closed. But don't worry, it closed for a good cause--there will soon (just eight years!) be an underground train line here. And Vivace will reopen, in the unfortunately-named Brix condo building, expected to open in September.

In any case, a lovely (and delicious) cup of coffee.

Now about that phone
Here's a photograph of a handsome couple, taken with my phone a couple of weeks ago:

So anyway my _new_ phone (okay, my old phone with it's new software--whatever) does many, many wonderful things that that old phone couldn't, and it even has a shake-to-operate restaurant finder, but what I like the best right now is what the upgrade's done for my photography.

(Too many Times links? Sorry. If it makes you feel any better, their iPhone app is pretty lame (maybe my saying so in this widely-read forum will encourage them to work on an update?))

Notice anything different in that photo of the Apple store the from the other day? Take another look:

The super cool thing going on there, but not when I took the photo of Fran and Dave (invisible to the naked eye) is that my phone now knows where it is when it takes pictures. Click on that photo and be amazed by the map that should show up alongside it, showing you almost exactly where the Seattle Apple store is. Awesome.

Lastly, look: I'm top ten!
Now, I've only done a handful of posts there (compared to 100+ by that jseattle), but top ten at anything isn't the sort of thing I'm inclined to ignore. Huzzah.

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  1. Top 10? I will give you one hundred million kudos for that!!