in a perfect world of yancies: Rainier, Part 2

05 August 2008

Rainier, Part 2

So this time we actually got out of the car and walked for a few days--incredible thing, that mountain. Nice park, too.

Where, exactly, were we? Take a look:

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Just to be clear: I tagged those with locations manually, since (for some reason) there's not much in the way of cell service or Wi-Fi signals up there . . .

We set out from the White River ("frontcountry") campground on Friday
(No no, we didn't sleep there)

About a mile or so right at the start of the Glacier Basin Trail had been washed out and re-routed through a riverbed, so that was an exciting first leg . . .

Spent that night at a (backcountry) site called Glacier Basin, which (it turns out) is a popular spot for people on their way to the top. In fact, we saw a couple of people who were in such a hurry to get up there (or to dodge the fees?) that they got into the campsite at like 3am and were gone by 7:30 (!)

They were headed in that general direction. We didn't have quite as much "vinegar" (as one of them put it), nor the rope, helmets, etc., so instead we continued up toward Burroughs Mountain

A pretty good climb--got ourselves up above some snow fields, which is always fun at the end of July

Great views up there (photo up at the top was taken there).

Only spot with cell phone reception, I guess because of the elevation. The elevation was, according to that GPS device in Dave's hand, 7,404 feet.

For comparison's sake, the White River site is at about 4,400 feet, and Glacier Basin's 5,965. The summit? 14,411 . . .

Luckily we had time to eat with the nice view before the clouds rolled in (and over us!)

At least when we crossed this fun bit of snow visibility was good--if only I hadn't been so nervous, maybe I'd have looked down & gotten a shot of that view . . . Sign on the trail said "caution" and "ice axes recommended" . . .

Sun came out again just in time for this overlook

Mimi modeled her poncho in some light rain at the campsite (Sunrise)

Temperature that night? According to the National Weather Service site, 35 degrees (!!!)

(Note: that link is just tracking the last seven days, so when we return to this post three years from now, it's not going to work . . .)

Look, we awoke to frost on the ground! Yow!

Some more nice views, though, as we made our way back toward the White River site

Beautiful flowers too!

Carefully posed shot of two beauties, taken on the other side of the park in Longmire


  1. Very impressive! I especially like the sunglasses reflection photo; reminds me of the Eiffel Tower one (how many years ago?) ...


  2. Old-timers would have said "piss 'n' vinegar."

  3. Wow, these pictures look amazing! I wish we could have joined you.


  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Magen--your parents still have 40 miles of the Wonderland left to cover: maybe when they come back you all can join them/us?

    (Also, you were *kind of* with us, since your mom's talking to you in that photo taken on Burroughs Mountain . . .)