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16 July 2008

Get It?

Still no MacBook (though I hear it's on the way home at last), but I thought I'd go political with this brief post while we wait.

So on the one hand, there's this New Yorker cover:

Now, I guess I see why Obama and his campaign are a little upset, but don't worry, please--most of us (even in Montana!) do get it. (Thanks for the heads-up on that Op-Ed piece, Mom.)

On the other hand, alas, it looks like most white US residents just don't get it:

I suppose it's nice to know there's room to improve . . .

Thoughts, reader?


  1. Seems like an awfully small sample size for that survey--especially the number of black people. But overall pretty striking differences there in opinion.

  2. Yeah, polling always seems sketchy to me, but I guess I buy these results . . .
    Thanks for the comment, Emily!

    PS: good news! The MacBook is home! Nice turnaround time there. And even though we had to pay, the parts of the service report that I can read suggest that we got our money's worth . . .

  3. Regarding thoughts on the survey: I guess the differences in perception aren't really that surprising.

    Regarding thoughts on the cover: maybe Maureen Dowd has something ... Dunno ...

  4. In case you were wondering about Maureen Dowd, mentioned by anon. 16:55, I believe the reference was to her recent column, May We Mock, Barack?

    I just wanted to add, with respect to those striking if unsurprising differences revealed in the poll, that what struck me was how wrong the white people were.

    Just to focus on one example: a majority of white US citizens believe that white and black people have an equal chance of "getting ahead." But that's just false. See, for example, this recent press release from the US Census Bureau.