in a perfect world of yancies: Summer Fun

26 July 2008

Summer Fun

Yes, the line for those of us who bought our tickets early to the Capitol Hill Block Party was longer than for day-of sales. But whatever--a lovely day, a closed off street, $2 PBR, four stages with all sorts of good music . . .

Girl Talk was a lot of fun.

Guess I'm just drawn to musicians who like to bring the crowd up on stage . . . us? no, no . . .

[Updated, 22:05: want to watch the whole set? Go ahead.]

Highlight for us, though, was definitely Vampire Weekend. Their set was great (played their whole album, plus a couple of new ones ("every song we know")). Almost as exciting was their entrance: they were introduced by Christine Gregoire, the governor of Washington! (If you're wondering, yes, she was "fired up," even at 10:45pm.)

We also recently enjoyed over four hours of beautiful, bruising roller derby action featuring the Rat City Rollergirls. Super cool.

What else? Oh, Fran and Dave are in the area--we hung out for a couple of days, and then dropped them off on Mt Rainier . . .

How cool is it that my phone knew where we were, even out on the water?

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Probably can't see it, but Rainier is there, just above and to the right of Emily.

See Emily Play Run!

Running? Yes, running! Now featuring an interactive website and (beta release) training program, which--combined with the fancy pedometer on Emily's shoe--is, I admit, pretty cool.

You can also track her progress in a bit more detail over on her page on the Nike+ site.

Finally, a taco truck follow-up: my favorite place, Tacos El Asadero, recently got some good press in Seattle's Only Newspaper. Mmm. I'm hungry.


  1. Let it never be said that you and Emily lead dull lives!!!


  2. But how far did you run?

  3. I don't know, is it excitement, or just the appearance of it?

    How far did I run? Indeed. No fancy device on my shoe, but I'll say this: I was running with Emily _most_ of the way. . . .