in a perfect world of yancies: Todd & Brandy (And other fun in St Louis)

10 July 2008

Todd & Brandy (And other fun in St Louis)

Congratulations to Todd & Brandy Hughes, married this past 5th of July.

Brandon Hughes, who is on his way to seminary, officiated, and did a very nice job.

Nice visit to St Louis. (Not to sound clichéd, but I did want to mention that if you, reader, are considering a trip to the Gateway City, I'd advise spring or fall--summer in Missouri is a bit on the sticky side.)

At the rehearsal dinner (or was it lunch?)

Before the wedding, we played a few holes (?) of disc golf at Creve Coeur Park:

(Not the best course, so no link; but Emily's form looks good, no?)

Back at the Hughes' place, they were ready for the wedding--and the reception!

I am a huge fan of this photo. Emily looks lovely, Grandpa Hughes is a super cool guy, and he's wearing a button with (high school age) Todd in a hockey uniform . . .

When the ceremony was completed, they released butterflies. Very cool.

Now, before those butterflies were let go, I offered a brief reading during the ceremony. Was quite an honor to be asked. And what did I read? Plato, of course!

Want to take a look? I put the text online, so that I could read it from my iPhone . . . (I figured oldest text and newest medium would be a nice pair).

Congrats, kids!

And then the reception:

That's Larry there cutting some cake

There he is

Todd, Magen, and Braxton

Next day, I started craving tacos with things like onions and cilantro; luckily yelp led me to Taqueria Los Tarascos.

Later that day, we had a nice dinner with the Bolsers.

Janet and Diana

And then on Sunday we all got together at Emily's grandparents to watch (and help? a little?) Dave cut some branches off of a tree.

The day ended with Emily and Fran making a Caesar salad, complete with table-side presentation:

Where did that salad come from? And why is it called that? And can anyone eat it without eventually confronting those questions? That evening, we appealed to Wikipedia, so I'll invite you, dear reader, to do the same.



  1. Oh, and Happy Birthday Emily!

  2. Wow, that is an UGLY T-shirt you are wearing eating tacos.....bad choice.

    What seminary will your relative be attending?


    By the way, I am only an hour and a half away from St. Louis!

  3. You know, at first I was offended that anyone could possibly diss the fabulous MIA, but then I remembered that you're a guy who wears khaki cargo shorts, so I'll go ahead and give myself a pat on the back at this juncture.

    Place is called Covenant, I believe. (No pun intended.)

    PS, maybe being so close to MO explains some of your other questionable fashion choices?

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple! What a beautiful setting for the ceremony!