in a perfect world of yancies: ¡verde!

21 April 2006


Ah, warm weather and fresh produce: the perfect time of year for some salsa verde. Feel like making your own? Here's my recipe, inspired by the awesome salsa at Caminos de Michoacan in Chicago (you know the one, under the Red Line El at the Sheridan stop).
It's all pretty straight-forward, I believe: about a pound of tomatillos (between 8 and 12 of them, I'd guess), one medium onion, a couple cloves of garlic, a good handful of cilantro, between 2 and say 6 jalepeños (to taste), and--the magic ingredient--one avocado. Put in blender. Enjoy. We eat it with chips, on eggs, mixed into black beans, as a hamburger condiment; you name it, this verde will improve it.

But what's a tomatillo? It's basically a small, green, tangy tomato-like thing, that comes in a husk:

a tomatillo, more or less actual size

On a non-food note, my link to the Washington Post in the South Park post on this blog is now mentioned on the Post's website--how cool is that? (Click here to see what I mean; how meta, eh?)


  1. Way cool -- and you're right up there at the top! Recipe sounds yummy.

  2. Let's see... I can find the onion, garlic and avocado. Guess I'm out of luck on the verde (_ _)