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08 April 2006

Have some free time? Care about politics?

I've talked myself into helping do some calling in support of Francine Busby, who is running in a special election for the congressional seat representing California's 50th district, recently vacated by the disgraced 'Duke' Cunningham.

This link will take you to a page where you can sign up to help. Act soon, concerned citizens: the election is on the 11th of April.


  1. Last day to call & help!
    I've changed the link above, so it should take you to the election day page; please act now, concerned citizens.

  2. Good showing yesterday by Busby--44% of the vote, I think--but since she didn't get the 50% necessary to avoid a runoff she'll now have to defeat the top Republican vote-getter (Bilbray) head-to-head.

    I haven't heard anything to indicate Bilbray is a formidable opponent, but it is a traditionally Republican district, so Busby may have reverted back to underdog status now that the GOP vote will no longer be split ...

  3. Thanks, Deron, for the update on the election.

    Sadly, it does look like the GOP candidate will be favored in the runoff, though Busby seems to have a real chance.

    There's plenty of detailed coverage out there for those interested; if you're among them, this LA Times story is a good place to start.

    Can't be too unhappy, I suppose, at 44%: just motivation to 'kick things up a notch' for the June runoff, and for November's congressional election. We'll have to keep our fists up for a few more months.

  4. Oh, the link in the original post now takes you to a page where you can ask moveon to 'keep you posted.'