in a perfect world of yancies: Black Oak Farm! and, congrats, Baughmans

02 April 2006

Black Oak Farm! and, congrats, Baughmans

Just what you've all been dreaming of, a website for Fran & Dave Hughes' property in Indiana, Black Oak Farm. We've purchased the domain, put up a couple of pics (more soon), and even set up some email addresses—feel free to write Emily at A fun project, and hopefully a good way for Fran & Dave to share their progress with the rest of us. And props to Dave Iwanski for designing the logo!

Also, we attended Emily's coworker Christa's wedding today with some of the Unity crew. Good times.

Christa with Mimi and Eric

Judy E, Judy C, Linda, Janet, Emily, and Melinda

Finally, here's a clip, if you're interested, of the couple's first dance:

(this version's courtesy of google video; hopefully it'll work for more of you, dear readers)

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  1. Finally got around to reading the chicken story and visiting the Film Convictions website. Very interesting, both -- at opposite ends of the spectrum, of course!
    Ran out of time waiting for the Collins clip to load, will save it for another day. Revisiting the Black Oak Farm website, I experienced difficulties with the photos. Any suggestions? What a beautiful bride! I hope this catches me up somewhat ...