in a perfect world of yancies: South Park and censorship

14 April 2006

South Park and censorship

In case you hadn't heard, I wanted to mention the recent South Park episodes about Family Guy and freedom of speech. The setup is that Family Guy wants to air a cartoon of Muhammad, thus giving the South Park characters the chance to debate the Muhammad cartoon issue (I think you know where Yancies stand on the issue, so I won't go into that again; likewise with Deron I suppose (and if you don't and wish you did, click here)); they also get to make fun of Family Guy, a show that I like, though I realize it has its flaws. . . .

Anyway, the 2-part episode was quite good, and even ended with a little controversy of its own, since Comedy Central wouldn't let South Park air the fake Family Guy Muhammad cartoon: click here (thanks, Deron, for sending that story along).

Both episodes are sure to be re-run a bunch on Comedy Central, and they're available for purchase on iTunes (here): either way, I think they're worth seeing. Below is a sample from part 2.

[file taken down for being too annoying to embed any longer, 27 May 2008]

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