in a perfect world of yancies: Rice and rights

04 April 2006

Rice and rights

I realize this story is a few days old, but I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Condoleezza Rice criticize the Afghan government the other day by invoking their profession of adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

She said, in part, that "We have been very clear with the Afghan government that the freedom of religion and the freedom of religious conscience is at the core of democratic development. They have constitutional expectations that have been written in that they will, in fact, live up to the universal declaration of human rights which protects individual conscience on religion." (full transcript)

You know who also at one time agreed to abide by the Declaration? The US. You know what else it protects? Freedom from arbitrary arrest. And not for citizens or people with military status—no, this is a universal declaration of human rights. What else? Freedom from torture. What else? The right to a public trial. . . . How in good conscience can the secretary of state cite this document??


Click here for last year's report on the US by Amnesty International.


  1. Nicely stated, YHD. It's similar to the U.S. defying the U.N. and invading Iraq in the name of enforcing U.N. resolutions.

  2. thanks; that's an excellent parallel

    here's hoping that your brother's enthusiasm will presage a collapse of this administration due to the whole leaker-in-chief situation . . .