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17 April 2006

Good; can you say it faster?

With apologies (and a belated Thank You) to all the folks from around the globe who've come to my blog to hear "Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint (featuring Panjabi MC)" (from the Inside Man soundtrack), I have decided to take that song down; feel free to enjoy the Blackalicious track currently playing.

That Chaiyya Chaiyya song is awesome, but time must go on. The album is available through iTunes (here). Although you have to buy the whole album to get that track, for my money it's more than worth it.

In the meantime, three cheers for the Cut Chemist and Gift of Gab.

[added at 7:00pm]:
Okay, as a peace offering, I present this video of the original Chaiyya Chaiyya song (without Panjabi MC):

Apparently it's from the film Dil Se directed by Mani Ratnam. The song is composed by film composer A.R. Rahman. For more on the song, see the Wikipedia entry here.

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