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03 September 2005

Lawrence nights

well, Thursday found us at a local bar/restaurant (which I don't like, so won't name), for Scott James' weekly trivia competition, (it's moving to a new place next week, as you can see if you click on the name), Brainville Trivia . . . and Deron, Haley, Emily, & I won! we got lucky in many cases (& there was a philosophy category) . . . so we put in $5 each & walked a way with a hundred to split . . . pretty good stuff . . .

and then last night, Aaron did indeed come back for a visit . . .
so, we started the night at Haley's place, where we celebrated her 21st birthday along with about 50 undergraduates . . . even one of the students in my large (250+ kids) Intro to Phil. class . . . so that's fun . . . (sadly, no pictures from there--we were all too busy feeling old to take out our cameras)

& then Haley was finally able to go to the replay, though by then she was a little inebriated:

the lovely Haley

Haley, Deron, and Haley's friend Ellen

Deron, Jesse, Aaron

Scott, Matt Waldschlegel, and Aaron

Emily, Deron, Haley, Yancy (leaning), and Jesse at the replay

Deron & Haley, the lovebirds

Jesse, who was nice enough to tell one of Emily's favorite local dj's, Jeff Watson, who does the classical show on KPR, that he liked his show . . .

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