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25 September 2005

A Guest Blog by Emily

Yancy has invited me to post a guest blog spot. So, I thought that I would share a few photos of my still new job for all who have only ever heard about that place called Unity. Here goes:

Here is one of several limestone markers that sit on the outskirts of the municipality of Unity village. Notice the signature "Unity wings" on the upper portion of the post.

The Unity Tower is one of the more noticeable sections of the Unity Village campus -- you can see it from miles around and it is lit up around the holidays. The coolest thing about the tower is that it conceals a 10,000 gallon water tank that is located near the top half of the building. The rest of the floors were used as administrative offices among other things, but, for the time being, it is empty (aside from all that water).

This is the exterior of the building where I work. It, along with the tower, was completed in 1929 (these were the first two buildings in the village). This building was originally used for the Silent Unity offices (this is a little too complicated to go into, so I'll just leave it at that). Now it houses the Unity Institute offices and classrooms, the library, the archives, and the Fillmore Chapel.

This is where I work -- I sit at this desk ready to serve whoever comes into the archives. The rest of what is visible here is the public space of the archives: the reading room/research area.

Here is another view of my desk. In the background you can see where Charles and Myrtle Fillmore's offices were. Charles and Myrtle were the co-founders of Unity.

This is a pretty bad picture of an exhibit that the Archivist (Eric) and I worked on. The exhibit is called "What We Collect" showcases some of the variety of what we have in the archves.

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  1. Emily: The pictures are great; I really like your new camera. Thanks for the tour of your workplace, and I look forward to taking it again in person.