in a perfect world of yancies: a bit of news

29 August 2005

a bit of news

okay, I really need to be writing this paper on eikasia, which is Plato's word for the mental faculty we have for dealing with images . . .
actually, the word should look like this:

anyway, I have to present that paper at a conference in NYC in October, so I really need to write it . . .

but I just wanted to mention two or three quick things:

a) another paper I wrote, on Aristotle and natural virtue, has been accepted for this November's meeting of the Southwestern Philosophical Society, AND the society PUBLISHES all the papers given at the conference in their journal, the Southwest Philosophy Review . . . so I will have a paper published!! kickass

b) my sister, Merrica, has started posting things on her blog, which is pretty entertaining, especially since the current post touches on my favorite irony w/respect to Merrica, that she lives in Japan but doesn't much care for Japanese food . . . anyway, it's pretty good; to check it out, just click on her name, Merrica, either in this post or in the list of links to the right.

c) I've heard that Aaron Dopf, who's soon leaving for a year to study in Germany, may be in town soon . . . and so I want to tempt him with the promise of prodigious posts on this blog documenting his visit (with his approval, of course) . . . and speaking of Aaron, the St Louis nbc affiliate did a nice story on his recent (well, last december, but whatever) surgery; though I can't find the video for it on their site today, the write-up is pretty good; here's a link, if you're curious

here's a shot of Aaron when we visited him in Iowa after the surgery


ps, hope you're enjoying the new icon I've added to the bottom of the blog . . .

the one below, at the bottom of the page, is even linked to the apple website!


  1. Congratulations -- way to go, Yancy! And what an inspiring story about Aaron! Finally, did Merrica tell you about the English teacher from her school in Takanosu who is studying in London this semester? She e-mailed Merrica that, for the first time, she truly understands what Merrica and her fellow JETs are going through having to adjust to a new culture, especially regarding the local food.

  2. Who's blog is this, yours or mine?
    I want to give my congratulations as well (おめでとうございます!)I hope to get a copy of the article, and maybe a postcard from NYC...

  3. yeah, I can only imagine, what with British food being what it is . . . I mean, at least Japanese food is tasty . . .
    so, thanks for the congrats

    and speaking of other people's blogs, Aaron also started a blog, so clicking his name here or in the links on the right will take you there . . .
    these things are really catching on . . .

  4. huh, so Merrica wrote something in Japanese & it showed up on my computer . . . what if I write something in Greek--will is show up on other computers?

    τοῦτον δυνάμεις ἀναγιγώσκειν;

    i.e., can you read this (meaning that, above . . .)?

  5. I could read your greek (ギリシャ語)here, but I couldn't in the email.